What does the "Saturday Delivery" checkbox on candidate and fulfillment requests do?

What does the "Saturday Delivery" checkbox on candidate and fulfillment requests do?

The Saturday Delivery checkbox on the candidate request and fulfillment request pages of Shipvine Logistics changes the default behavior of certain domestic FedEx Express and UPS air services. By default, if you use an air service like FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day Air on a Friday, they'll deliver the package on Monday. For an additional fee, they'll make the delivery on Saturday, and the Saturday delivery checkbox is used to opt in to the Saturday delivery option. 

But the USPS and FedEx Home Delivery deliver on Saturdays by default. Do I need to check the Saturday Delivery checkbox in Shipvine Logistics?

No. The Saturday Delivery checkbox in Shipvine Logistics is used only to opt in to Saturday delivery for FedEx Express and UPS air services, and checking the box will exclude the use of any other services like USPS or FedEx Home Delivery.

In other words, use the Saturday Delivery checkbox if you need to use something like FedEx Priority Overnight on a Friday, or FedEx Two Day Service on a Thursday, and you want to modify the behavior of that service to result in delivery on Saturday instead of Monday.

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