What are inserts?

What are inserts?

An insert is something that's sometimes included with your shipment but isn't convenient or practical to barcode, track, and pick as a regular, inventoried item in the Shipvine Logistics catalog. Examples of inserts are flyers, cards, catalogs, tote bags, and tissue paper—the extra "swag" in your retail shipments.

In the Shipvine Logistics website, you can see an inventory history for inserts just like you would for regular, inventoried items, but it's important to know that unlike regular, inventoried items in the Shipvine Logistics catalog, the inventory values for inserts are only estimated. For example, if you send us 5,000 stickers to include with certain orders, it would be silly to get riled up over two or three stickers being lost in ether. 

On a candidate request or fulfillment request, you'll see an "Inserts" section separate from the regular "Lines" section where you can see or specify which inserts should be included in the shipment. For instructions on adding an insert your order read this article https://help.shipvine.com/portal/kb/articles/add-insert-to-order

It's possible for Shipvine to configure your account so that only certain inserts get applied to certain fulfillment requests. For example, you might want us to toss in a sticker for shipments going to retail customers, but your wholesale customers don't need the fancy treatment. Usually, we distinguish between the two cases by some piece of metadata attached to the fulfillment request, such as whether its source was Shopify versus being manually entered. 

If you are manually entering a candidate request and you want these Shipvine-defined "insert profiles" to run, just click the "Apply Insert Profiles" button after saving the candidate request. It'll automatically add any inserts as appropriate as if the request had been processed in the usual way through your Shipvine Sync integration. 

Shipvine has mechanisms in place that help ensure that inserts are correctly added to orders (green buttons light up on pick-to-light stations in the processing lanes), but it requires setup and approval and incurs additional charges. Contact Shipvine Support if you have an insert that you'd like to set up.
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