How do I set up two-factor authentication?

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

Enabling two-factor authentication greatly increases the security of your Shipvine account and is required for account owners to be able to manage other users. It works by requiring you to enter a constantly-changing code from an app on your smartphone whenever you log into Shipvine with your normal user name and password.

You'll need an iPhone or an Android phone for it to work.

Turn on two-factor authentication

To turn on two-factor authentication, just follow these steps.

1. From a desktop computer or a laptop, go to your Shipvine Accounts Dashboard and look for the green "Turn On" button under the "Two-Factor Authentication" section.

2. A page with a QR code displays. Leave it open while you move on to the next step.
There's no way to recover the this setup code after you navigate away from the page. We recommend printing out this page or keeping the "Shared Secret Key" in a safe place. You'll need it if you ever lose or replace your smartphone.

3. On your smartphone, go to your phone's app store and download the free Microsoft Authenticator (App Store, Google Play) or Google Authenticator app (App Store, Google Play). It doesn't matter which one you use, so if you already had one of these installed, you can just use that.
4. Once the app installs, open it up and follow one of the workflows below. (The screenshots may vary over time.)

Microsoft Authenticator

4a. Click the + icon in the upper right.

4b. Tap "Other (Google, Facebook, etc.)"

4c. Point your camera at the QR code on your desktop or laptop.

Google Authenticator

4a. Click "Get Started" or the "+" icon in the lower right.

4b. Tap "Scan a QR code"

4c. Point your camera at the QR code on your desktop or laptop.

5. The app now shows "Shipvine" with a rotating six digit code. Go back to your desktop or laptop and enter the six digit code in the "Passcode" field under "Finish Setup".

You're all set! The next time you go to log into Shipvine, after entering your user name and password, you'll see a "Challenge" screen asking for a new six digit code. Just open up the app on your smartphone and enter the code that you see displayed on your screen.

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