Create shipping label using Shipvine Labels

Create shipping label using Shipvine Labels

How to create a shipment in Shipvine Labels

1. Log into Labels at: or select Labels from the Sites navigation menu in the top right hand corner of any Shipvine website.

2. To create a shipment, start by clicking the quick link “Get Rates and Transit Times” to the left of the dashboard. This will create a shipping quote that you can then create a shipping from. If you know what service you would like to use you can skip this step and click the “Get Shipping Label” quick link.

3. Fill out the following fields:

a. Name: This can be anything you prefer. We suggest using an order number or other internal reference number

b. Ship Date: Can be left as default. Changing only alters the estimated delivery date displayed in Labels.

c. Kind:

i. Shop: Setting Kind to Shop will give estimated pricing for all available shipping services.

ii. Profile: Will only rate shop selected shipping profile. To see a list of Shipvine standard shipping profiles visit:

d. Addresses:

i. To: The address being shipped to. You can choose from either General Region or Full Address. Full Address will give more accurate shipping rates. Full Address is required when creating an international shipping rate.

ii. From: Will default to your company’s return address.

e. Parcels: Enter weight, value, packaging type and dimension of the package you would like to ship. Click “Add Parcel” to add additional boxes if needed

f. Instructions: Check mark either option if added service is desired. Services are not available with all carriers

g. Metadata: Optional

h. Save: Will create your shipment rating.

The following page will show you all available service based off the information entered in the previous screen ranging from cheapest to most expensive. An estimated delivery date is also noted for each service.

To create a shipment based off this rating click “Clone as Shipment”.

The cloned shipment will automatically select the cheapest shipping option. You may change the shipping service to another expedited service if desired under the Account and Service drop down menus. The correct service and account option to select is noted on the rating screen. You will need to enter any additional information not entered on the rating screen, such as recipient info, return info.

Selections under the Options section should be selected as needed.

* Collect on Delivery – If option is selected you’ll be asked to enter the amount of the COD and acceptable payment type. Not available with all services. Extra fee’s charged by carrier for service.

* Billing shipping charges to recipient or third party – Bills shipment to another UPS or Fed Ex account number. Not available with all services.

* Specify detailed information about who pays duties and taxes – Selects party responsible for any customs fees.

* Include a tax identification number – Required field on some international shipments. System will flag shipment if required.

* Specify invoice details for international shipments – Required for all international shipments. If none apply enter 0 (zero).

* Specify custom reference numbers – Customizes shipping label reference fields.

Once all information clicking Save will create the shipment. On the following screen scroll down to the Documents section and click “Open” to view and print your shipping label.

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