What is the Auto Fulfill Delay?

            Most Shipvine customers use one of our integrations or the Logistics API to submit orders from their e-commerce platform into our system. When Shipvine receives an order from you (known as an "API Submission"), then Shipvine runs through a series of validation checks, like making sure the address is valid and the items are in stock. If everything's OK, then by default, it's converted into a fulfillment request, which means it's placed into our queue of work and is scheduled to ship out as soon as possible. If something's wrong, then it's converted into a candidate request in the "problem" state, where you can edit it via our portal, make any corrections, and manually submit it for fulfillment once it's fixed.

            In visual form, the default process looks like this:

            However, some merchants prefer to have a chance to work on or review orders once they appear in Shipvine Logistics before Shipvine starts physical work on it, locking it down from most changes. Or, they'd like a "quiet" period to give the customer a chance to cancel or change their mind before the order is converted into a fulfillment request. The Auto Fulfill Delay feature accomplishes this by converting all incoming API submissions into candidate requests, but automatically fulfilling the OK ones after a delay if you don't take any action on it. In other words, the default process changes to the following:

            You can specify the delay interval in minutes or hours, and you can specify a different delay depending on whether the order is domestic (shipping within the United States) or international (shipping outside of the United States). (For example, you might not care about US orders, but you might want to have a chance to manually review international orders.)

            To configure the Auto Fulfill Delay,

            1. Visit your Merchant Settings page in Shipvine Logistics by clicking on your name in the upper right corner, and selecting "Merchant Settings".

            2. Click the "Edit" button under "Actions".

            3. Check either or both of the domestic and international checkboxes, then type in a delay value and specify whether you meant hours or minutes by that number. In the example below, we've specified that we don't want to delay any domestic orders, but we want a 15-minute hold on international orders. Then click "Save".

            You can tell if a candidate request is being effected but the Auto Fulfill Delay if the candidate request is in the "Ready" state and has the "Auto Fulfill After" column filled in:

            If you decide that you don't want Shipvine to ship the order, you can delete the candidate request by clicking its "View" button, then clicking the red "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.

            If you decide that you want to keep the candidate request around but don't want the system to auto fulfill it at the timestamp specified, click the "Stop" button next to the "Auto Fulfill After" value. That'll make it sit in candidate requests forever until you decide to do something with it.

            Updated: 23 Jun 2018 03:41 AM
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