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            How can I force a resync of inventory to my online store?

            Many Shipvine integrations such as Shopify or Amazon MWS support inventory sync, where Shipvine will push down its inventory numbers to your online store. To support frequent inventory updates and to prevent very long inventory sync times due to API rate limiting (some of our customers have tens of thousands of items/SKUs), Shipvine only pushes down an inventory number if the inventory record has changed at Shipvine.

            In a normal workflow, that's just fine. But sometimes you might accidentally do something out of order, such as an item being received at Shipvine, and then you create the item on your online store afterward. Shipvine will have already attempted to push down the inventory number for that item, seen that it didn't work, and see no reason to try it again until the record changes.

            To force Shipvine to resync items,

            1. Point your web browser to the Shipvine Logistics catalog at

            2. Search or browse for the item that you'd like to update by typing its SKU or name into the Search box, and then press enter:

            3. Click on the Item Group row (the bold row) that is the parent of the item or items that you'd like to resync, and then click its "View" button:

            4. Click the "Resync" button:

            5. A confirmation page displays. Finally, click the green "Resync" button:

            This action will cause Shipvine Sync to push down the inventory numbers for the items contained within that item group the next time it runs, which is usually every 15 minutes.

            Updated: 21 Jun 2018 10:04 PM
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