Logistics API: Shipping Rate Quote

Logistics API: Shipping Rate Quote



The shipping rate quotes resource represents a collection of estimated pricing for various destinations. Merchants can retrieve a list of rate quotes for the various shipping methods that Shipvine Logistics supports by sending GET requests to this resource.



Query Parameters

The method supports the following query parameters:

Parameter Required? Description
shipping-method Yes One of the Shipvine Logistics shipping method codes .
weight-lb Yes The estimated weight, in pounds, of the parcel. The value is only accurate to tenths of a pound.
postal-code Yes The postal code to where the parcel will be shipped.
country Yes The ISO 3166-1 two-letter code for the country to where the parcel will be shipped.
value-amount Yes The declared value of the parcel, as a decimal value.
value-currency Yes The ISO 4217 three-letter code for the currency that value-amount is specified in. Currently, only USD is accepted.

Example Query String


Entity Body

No entity body may be specified in the request.


If a rate quote is successfully obtained, the API will return 200 OK as well as a <ShippingRateQuote /> element in the entity body. See the XML schema for details about that element.

If any error occurs, the HTTP status code will not be 200 OK . An <Errors /> element may be present in the entity body.

Example Response Entity Body

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ShippingRateQuote xmlns="urn:WarehouseFS-1.0">
    <Amount>9.04</Amount> <!-- (1) -->
  1. The <Price /> element contains the estimated shipping cost.
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