Set Pre-order Quantity

Set Pre-order Quantity

To set a pre-order quantity in our system edit the SKU in question and change the pre-order quantity to the desired number:

When this number is set we will report to Shopify the quantity on hand plus the pre-order quantity as available inventory. Shopify will track the number of units sold.

Please note a few things:

1. It is very important that once the inventory is physically received you go back and set the pre-order quantity to zero. This will not happen automatically. Otherwise once we start checking in the inbound shipment you will run the risk of over selling.

2. Any order submitted to us which has a SKU with zero inventory on hand will go to candidate request. This includes orders that also have in stock SKUs. You can manage candidate requests as normal and if you want to split in stock items and pre-order items from each other the candidate request will have an option available to do that called Split. This is done manually on a per order basis and is not automatic.

Clicking the split option will push any in stock items to their own fulfillment request and leave any items unavailable in candidate request. After the inbound shipment is received and checked in you can revalidate you candidate requests either on a per CR level using the option at the bottom of the page of each CR or do all of them using the revalidate all button found at the bottom of the candidate request list page.

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