Reports provided by Shipvine

Reports provided by Shipvine

Shipvine provides a wide array of reports that will compliment reporting from your e-commerce and/or other order management platform. 

Some reports are easily available from the Reports menu, other reports take a few minutes to generate and are only downloadable after the system creates them.

Export Reports

The export reports feature downloads Excel format reports. You can open this file in Excel, Google Docs, Apple Sheets and other spreadsheet applications for additional charting and analysis. These are resource intensive reports that can get very large for customers who have, for example, 20,000+ Sku's or who submit thousands of orders per month. 

Available reports

  1. Barcodes - Provides you with all barcodes associated with an individual product. This is useful for those who have items with multiple packs or additional barcodes such as Amazon FBA barcodes
  2. Candidate Request Problems - This report is useful for those customers who use our system as more of an order management system. It will generate a list of all problems for your candidate requests so that you can address problems more efficiently
  3. Candidate Request Shortage Details - If you oversell your products and want a detailed listing of what you need to complete the orders, this is the report for you. The report also shows expected date for the items to arrive if you have inbound shipments entered into the system. 
  4. Candidate Request Shortage Summaries - This report provides a summary of all missing items in your candidate requests and how many units you need to fill them
  5. Fulfillment Request Statuses - This report provides a listing of your fulfillment requests for a given date range, showing the status of each request and a link to the request
  6. Inventory - This report provides a listing of your inventory including quantity on hand, reserved and available
  7. Inventory Aging - Days - This report shows you how long an item has been in our inventory using the FIFO model. This report is very useful for generating items you may want to place on clearance
  8. Inventory Allocations - This report shows you what is holding inventory for a given sku
  9. Item Metadata - This report provides you with all meta data for a given sku
  10. Outbound Shipment Lines - This report shows in detail every line item for orders on a given date range
  11. Outbound Shipments - This report shows a detailed listing of all of your orders for a given date range. This includes shipping details with tracking, packaging type, shipping cost and more.  
  12. Tracked Returns - This report provides you with details of every return for a given date range

Download Statuses

  1. Queued - means that your export will be processed in the background soon, and you're file isn't ready yet. Check back in a few minutes. Or, visit your notification preferences page and set the Export Completed notification to Immediate to get notified by e-mail when your file is done processing
  2. Processing - means that the server is working on your file right now
  3. Complete - means that your file is ready for download. It'll automatically be deleted from the system after about a week to keep things tidy, so be sure to download a copy of the file to your computer
Pro tip: Use Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio or other data analysis tool to create powerful interactive reports using reports from Shipvine

Current Inventory Levels Report

For Larger Customers: Download the report to Excel or use our Export Reports feature to avoid crashing your browser for very large reports. 

This report provides you with your current inventory level and a detailed listing of your inventory. It also shows how many units are currently reserved in your Fulfillment and/or Candidate Requests. You can download this report to Excel for further analysis or to merge data with other report. 

Customer Retention Rates Report

This report shows you how many of your customers were repeat customers between two periods of time. For the purposes of determining who a customer is, we key on the e-mail address associated with the fulfillment request. 

Pro tip: This report can download the name and email address of your repeat customer allowing you to target market customers 

Internal Use Barcodes

It's not a report per se, but provides you with a listing of number 2 barcodes. UPC codes that start with the number 2 are considered internal use only. They will create a UPC code with the correct check digit, but can not be used on products going to, for example Amazon or department stores. 

You can learn more about barcodes in our other help files located here

Inventory Aging

This report provides a a summary and detailed information about how long an item has been in stock. It can be downloaded for further sorting and analysis. This is very useful for creating lists of products to place on clearance, for example. 

Updated Report: Use the downloadable returns report in the "Export" report menu item to get the newest version

Inventory Deltas (Changes in inventory)

This report details the changes in your inventory for a given date range. It provides you with the quantity on hand for the given start date and the quantity on hand for a given end date, plus how many units in and out during that time period. The report provides an overall summary and detailed per Sku. The report is downloadable to Excel for additional data analysis. 

Pro tip: Use this report to find your exact number of units in stock for December 31st for tax preparation 

Pivoted Current Inventory Levels

This report will take two variables in your product inventory and place them either as columns or rows. So, for example, you may want to take your product size as the column and colors as the row. This will organize your report so that the report is easy to read for customers who sell products with variations - such as clothing. 

Returned Items

Find all items that were returned during a given date range. 

Updated Report: Use the downloadable returns report in the "Export" report menu item to get the newest version

Shipped Items

This report returns all of the shipped items during a given date range including the amount that was charged for the product. Please note this is not a sales report, the numbers will vary from your actual accounting or e-commerce platform as these numbers do not reflect discounts, returns, exchanges, etc. 

Shipping Destinations

This report shows you a graphical representation of the different states and countries that you ship to for a given date range.

Shipping Methods

This is the most used report we have. It shows you the number of orders shipped by each shipping method, by each courier method, plus the cost of each for a given date range. Use this data to analyze your shipping costs and make adjustments. 

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