Logistics API: Fulfillment Request Submission

Logistics API: Fulfillment Request Submission



The fulfillment request submission resource allows merchants to send their orders to Shipvine Logistics. These submissions are queued up as API Submissions. Every few seconds, the system picks up an API Submission and attempts to validate it, running through a series of checks (such as cleansing the shipping address or verifying the units are in stock). If the request is not valid, then it is saved as a Candidate Request with a detailed description of what's wrong. The merchant can correct the errors directly within the Shipvine Logistics Web site. If the request is valid, then it is saved as a Fulfillment Request, which means it's in the queue to be picked, packed, and shipped.



Query Parameters

The POST verb on this resource does not accept any query parameters.

Entity Body

The entity body of the request should be the FulfillmentRequestSubmission element as defined in the XML schema. See the XML schema for element-specific documentation.

Example Entity Body

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FulfillmentRequestSubmission xmlns="urn:WarehouseFS-1.0"> <!-- (1) -->
  <Address type="Shipping">
      <StreetLine>161 rue Fromage</StreetLine>
    <StateOrProvince /> <!-- (2) -->
    <Phone>+330561339336</Phone> <!-- (3) -->
  <Lines> <!-- (4) -->
      <Quantity>1</Quantity> <!-- (5) -->
        <Amount>19.50</Amount> <!-- (6) -->
  1. Don't forget the namespace declaration. The Shipvine Logistics API server will reject the request if the namespace is not provided.
  2. For international addresses, not all parts of the <Address /> element will be used. However, the elements themselves are still required to be in the request; just pass an empty element or an empty string value if they do not apply.
  3. A phone number is required. Shipvine Logistics attempts to be lenient in the formatting requirements for phone numbers, however. The canonical format is E.164 format, such as "+18044333127" for Shipvine's phone number; however, variations including "(804) 433-3127" will be accepted.
  4. You repeat the <Line /> element for each unit item in the fulfillment request submission.
  5. The quantity must be greater than zero. If you're unable to ship something to a customer, don't tell Shipvine Logistics about it; just leave it out.
  6. This value is printed on the customer's receipt. It may also be used to determine the Shipvine Logistics fee for processing the fulfillment request. Because the value may be used in international customs paperwork, it's important to provide an accurate value here, even if only a packing slip is requested. Intentionally providing inaccurate values is grounds for termination of your Shipvine Logistics account.


If the fulfillment request submission is successfully received, then Shipvine Logistics will respond with 200 OK and an empty entity body.

If any error occurs, the HTTP status code will not be 200 OK. An <Errors /> element may be present in the entity body.

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