What are inbound shipments?

What are inbound shipments?

At Shipvine, an inbound shipment is an advance shipment notification for new inventory being sent to Shipvine.

Shipvine will reconcile the items that it receives against the appropriate inbound shipment, and you’ll be able to inspect the manifest via the Shipvine Logistics website to review any discrepancies between what Shipvine was expected to receive and what Shipvine says it received. Additionally, Shipvine may attach notes or images to the inbound shipment manifest to document damage or carrier mishandling.

You may hear Shipvine employees call these “inbounds” for short.

What do the statuses mean?

When you first create an inbound shipment, its in the Not Complete state. This means that we haven't received the shipment or haven't started working on it yet.

As we work on an inbound shipment, you can track our progress as the "# Scanned" metrics will keep increasing on the page.

When we finish working on an inbound shipment, it's in the Complete state. This means that the numbers that you see on the screen are finalized, and the inventory is available for use in fulfillment requests.

In this example, we received 4 more than we anticipated of the Steel Sprocket, but the Plastic Sprocket was right on the money.

You can opt to receive an e-mail notification when Shipvine starts working on and when Shipvine finishes working on an inbound shipment. Just visit https://logistics.shipvine.com/preferences/show , click the "Edit" button, and set the "Inbound Shipment Received" and/or "Inbound Shipment Completed" events to either "Digest" (to be e-mailed every 3 hours if there's something to report) or "Immediate" to be notified right away.

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