Add Insert to order

Add Insert to order

Do you need to add an existing insert to one of your orders? Follow these simple steps:

1. Select the candidate request you wish to add the insert to, if the order is a fulfillment request you will need to cancel the request to make it a candidate request again. Once you've selected your candidate request click the edit button found at the bottom of the candidate request page.

2. Scroll down to the Inserts section of the edit page, which is found under the line items and click the add insert button.

3. Enter then name of the insert you wish to add in the Insert Merchant Identifier field and quantity in the quantity field. If you are unsure of your insert name you can find a list of all your inserts here: 

4. If the insert applies only to a specific item in the order enter the Item Merchant Identifier in the field. This is typically an advanced option in which the insert corresponds to a specific action that applies to the specific item and for most inserts this field can be left blank. 

5. After you've added all the inserts you want to add, click the save button to save your changes. You can then click the Fulfill button to change your candidate request to a fulfillment request for processing and shipping. If you have any questions regarding inserts check out this article or contact
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